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Product & Service

 MHAssist Benefits

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MHAssist on-line is accredited OHSAS18001 across any peninsula and border and compliments the Health and Safety Executive
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The original online
management system!

For workplace Health & Safety and Human Resources
procedures for businesses of any size or industry sector in the United Kingdom.

On-line Health and Safety and Human Resource Systems are the most cost effective way of managing health and safety procedures for any size of business in any industry sector. MHAssist on-line is easy to use and implement and is legally compliant and compatible with OHAS18001. This interntional accreditation crosses any peninsula or border and compliments the health and safety executive



A FIRST LINE of defence against Health and Safety Executive prosecutions.

PROTECTION from Employment Tribunal claims.

MASSIVE savings in administration  costs.

OHSAS18001 accreditation compliments HSE across any peninsula and international border and guards against health and safety executive prosections
BS/OHSAS18001:2007 Accredited

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MHAssist systems are produced by Matheson & Horan Associates Limited based in the United Kingdom

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